Stephan and Co. How to Pot Your Plants in Davines Containers

Did you know that you can reuse Davines containers to pot small house plants? You can save your empty conditioner containers and use them to create an adorable, upcycled indoor garden. All packaging produced by Davines is made with recycled materials with the intention to be reused when the product is gone. How you choose to reuse is entirely up to you, but we think the Davines containers are simply perfect for potting pretty little houseplants. Here’s how you can turn empty Davines containers into cute planters.

Items Needed for Creating Davines Planters

Plants or succulents of your choice
Correct soil for your plants
Empty Davines container
A drill or sharp tool to poke holes in the bottom of the container

Prepping the Davines Container for Use

Wash the container out with warm water and soap to get any residual product out. Next, take your tool and poke a few holes in the bottom of the container so water can drain out. Excess water can kill a plant, so it’s important to drill these tiny holes to allow the extra water to seep out of the planter.

Potting Your Plants

Now comes the fun part. It’s time to pot your plants! First, fill the Davines container with soil. Next, create a small hole in the soil that is big enough for your plant and its root system. Carefully transfer the plant to the Davines planter from its original pot, taking care to leave the roots and some soil intact. Plant the plant in the hole in the soil of the Davines container. Pile on a little soil around your plant to cover the hole. Last, water your plant according to its needs, and congrats! You have successfully potted your plants and saved more plastic from going to the landfill.

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