Four Ways to Reuse Your Empty Davines Containers

Davines is 100% committed to creating eco-friendly products that come in reusable packaging. If you have empty Davines shampoo bottles, conditioner containers, and soap wrappers, you can upcycle them and prevent more paper and plastic from entering the ocean and harming wildlife. Check out these easy ideas for reusing empty Davines packaging.

Make Planters for Succulents and Herbs

Small plants and herbs fit perfectly in Davines containers. The conditioner containers are perfect for creating pretty pots that will look great in your window or on your desk. Simply wash the container, drill a few water drainage holes in the bottom, and pot your plant. It’s an easy way to reduce waste and add more greenery to your home.

Store Your Leftovers or Carry Your Lunch

Davines containers are made from food grade plastic so you can use them to store your produce, leftovers, and favorite treats. Pack them in your work lunches or throw them in the cooler for a beach day. No matter what your favorite foods are, you can safely use Davines containers to store them. Just be sure to wash the containers thoroughly before use.

Create an Aromatherapy Oasis

Davines shampoo bottles can be used to hold diffuser reeds with smells like lavender, lemon, and patchouli. These scents can have great benefits for your mental well-being, and they make your home smell amazing. Add your favorite scent to any room by using a Davines bottle as an upcycled diffuser reed holder.

Wrap Gifts and Get Crafty

Davines soap comes wrapped in beautiful paper with a variety of interesting colors and patterns. You can save Davines paper and use it to wrap presents or create origami art. It’s perfect to keep on hand for days when you’re feeling crafty.

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